B. P. Koirala, an honest and true leader

B. P. Koirala, an honest and true leader


Born on Bhadra 24, 1971 BS in BenarasBisheshwar Prasad Koirala, popularly known as B.P. Koirala was an extraordinary and a beloved leader of Nepal who actively participated in the freedom movement in the country. He is also one of the many popular Prime Ministers of Nepal. He was popular as Bisheshwar Prasad Koirala in the field of literature, B.P. Koirala in politics and Sanubabu or Sandaju among his friends and family.

His father was exiled from Nepal in charges of making suggestions for social development. He accompanied his father to Benaras at the age of four and he completed his education there. He was a disciplined, honest, selfless and simple person since his childhood and he began his political career by participating in the India Revolution. He had the ability to mix up with people and was interested in reading newspapers, participating in rallies and demonstrations and he also had the ability to put forward his ideas and arguments with grace which is why he was able to establish himself in the field of politics.


He was not only a famous politician but also a famous literary figure. Talking about his contributions and career in literature, he first published his story in Hindi language in ‘Hansa’magazine in 1987 BS and his first Nepali story to be published was ‘Chandrabadan‘ in 1992 BS in Sarada magazine. He was the first person to introduce new element – human psychology – in Nepali literature. His literary works include story collection like Doshi Chasma, novels like Tin Ghumti, Narendra Dai, Hitler ra Yahudi, Sumnima, Babu-Aama ra Chora, Modiaain, and his autobiography Afnu Katha.

He was first imprisoned in Benaras when he participated in the anti-British movement in the year 1987 BS. During that time, both Nepal and India were involved in freedom movement, Nepal against Rana rule and India against British colonial rule. Bharat Chodo (Leave India) movement was on full stream and he was jailed in Patna for the second time when he again participated in the movement. He spent three years in the Hajaribaag jail there and it was then that his father Krishna Prasad Koirala died. He was also diagnosed with cancer, however, he struggled through it and entered into the Nepali politics.

He had completed his B.A. in political science and economics and also did B.L. He actively participated abolition of Rana rule for the development of Nepal and Nepalese and also founded Nepali Congress Party in 2003 BS. Besides this, in the year 2004, he led the labor strike and went on 29 days hunger strike demanding the improvement of prison and establishment of democracy. His struggles and hardship in jails paid off and in the year 2007 BS, democracy was introduced in Nepal and he served as Home Minister in the first Interim Government. He believed that constitution is the base of democratic nation and worked for the establishment of Nepali Constitution from 2007 BS to 2015 BS. In the same context, he successfully conducted ‘Bhadra Awagya Andolan’ and ‘Satyagraha’ in 2014 in order to organize elections for drafting Constitution of Nepal in 2015 Falgun 1. As a result, he became the first public-elected Prime Minister of Nepal. Unfortunately, the Royal decree in 2017 Poush 1, demolished the democracy and the democratic leaders had to go for revolution once more and Koirala had to serve jail time for a long time.

Nepal lost such a great politician and leader in the year 2039 BS. He was the best example of nation and people loving honest and dedicated leader whose death shook the whole nation and the present political condition of the country demands the need of a

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