To extend in organizational form the principle of democratic socialism, a policy of national unity and reconciliation among the people dwelling at every corner of the country and to guide them towards the direction of an overall change in order to lead the country ahead towards the path of prosperity.

To play an important role in the protection and promotion of nationality, sovereignty and national integrity in accordance with the policy of national unity and reconciliation, in the changing context of Nepal.
To build a foundation to uplift the economic the prosperity of the country and living standard of people by conducting studies and researches on the principle of democratic socialism in a practical manner.
To convey the political, social, literary and economic contributions of B.P Koirala among people. To conduct research on B.P Koirala's views regarding foreign policy and carry the findings ahead.
To study, research and explore the role of B.P. Koirala in World Socialist Movement.
To provide training on the foreign policy of B.P Koirala to the political cadres, intellectuals of B.P. Ideology National Society and Nepali Congress.
To provide necessary advice and suggestions on the foreign policy as determined by B.P. Ideology National Society.
To play an effective role in the protection and the promotion of human rights.
To deliver the philosophy, contribution and literary books of B.P. Koirala to the general people.

To well-inform people about assurance of their democratic as well as economic, social, health and educational rights through democratic socialism propounded by B.P. Koirala.
To promote and extend the norms and values of nonviolence, peace and democracy.
To increase mutual goodwill, brotherly relation and unity among Nepalese.
To support poverty reduction by creating opportunities through the extension of income generating programs and development of education, health, communication and infrastructure in grass-root level.
To create access to development by empowering indigenous, ethnic, marginalized and backward people. women, Dalit,
To create awareness among people regarding the conservation and development of language, script, culture, literature, art, and resources of various ethnicity and community.

Central Executive Committee
Province Executive Committee
District Executive Committee
Local Level ( municipality/ Rural) Executive Committee
Program and Organization Department
Women Department
Resource Mobilization Department
Foreign Affair Department
Intellectual Department
Publicity Department


Work Plan To organize workshops, seminars, trainings, observation tours and interactions in national and international matters to attain the objectives as envisioned by B.P. Ideology National Society.
To study, research and publish the principles and policies, propounded and interpreted by B.P. Koirala, regarding foreign affairs.
To operate miscellaneous programs for protection, promotion and development of peace, non-violence and democracy.
To make efforts to develop good relation with national and international nongovernmental organizations and government bodies by keeping faith in the norms and values of peace, non- violence, democracy and human rights, and to extend, co-ordinate and exchange mutual support.

Scope of Foreign Affair Department

Providing suggestions to the stakeholders for maintaining foreign relation by focusing independence, sovereignty, geographical integrity, freedom and national interest of the country.
Emphasizing on maintaining international relation based on universal equality.
Developing and strengthening diplomatic, economic and cultural relation by means of foreign policy based on international laws, norms and values of world emphasizing on accepting the following principles:
UN Charter Principle of Non-Alliance
Principle of Panchasheel (Five principles: Non-Interference, Non- Violence, Non- Aggression, Peaceful Co-existence and Mutual Respect for each other's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity).
Emphasizing on maintaining cordial relation with neighboring countries, India, and China peace and as well as all other countries of the world by adopting a balanced foreign policy considering the geo-political situation and strategic challenge of Nepal. Maintaining equality and mutual interest while dealing and entering into treaties and agreements with other nations.